Monday, May 31, 2010

Tiffanie & Nate 5.23.10

We met Tiffanie a few years ago when we did some design work for her, so it was nice to get together with her for some photos two months or so before she and Nate welcome their new baby! It was a rainy day, but it couldn't dampen the spirits of the happy parents-to-be!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breanna & Dave 5.15.10

-Posted by Kylene

I feel like we've known Breanna and Dave most of our lives... like we know them inside and out. Truth is, we've only met them a few times, the first being at a wedding we did for Breanna's friend in November of 2008. There's just something about them that is comfortable and so happy, it just rubs off on everyone around them.

Matt and I took a drive out to Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove on Saturday for their engagement session. This is where they met and fell in love. As we walked around the grounds, they told us stories about where they first saw each other, where they spent most of their time together and all about their happiest moments there. It was so enjoyable to spend the day with them that we lost track of time and couldn't stop finding places to photograph.

Here are some of our favorites:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ashlee & Joel 5.2.10

-Posted by Kylene

When I found out that Ashlee and Joel were expecting I was ecstatic! I've known Ashlee for at least 3 years now. We started off as friends when we meet on the local Knot/Nest boards. After their wedding they hired Matt and I to do a Trash The Dress session.

Since then, Ashlee and I have gotten together a few times to see the Twilight movies (yes, we're THOSE girls) but other than that we don't get to see each other much. So I was looking forward to going down to Baltimore to do their maternity session.

The day was very hot and muggy but we braved the heat to shoot some outdoor pictures at a local tulip park.

After we finished in the tulip gardens we went back to their house for some more intimate portraits.

Thank you so much for a wonderful day Ashlee & Joel! We can't wait to meet the little one in just a couple of months!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Washington DC 4.11.10

-Posted by Matthew

It's good to finally get a chance to show off these shots – we've been busy with searching for our first house, which we finally found!

We headed down to Washington, D.C. to visit my sister and her husband for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Unfortunately, due to a rather unseasonably warm week, by the time we got there, almost every blossom had already turned into a bright spring green!

Undaunted, we still hopped onto the train and were speeding on our way to the nation's capital. Here we have a picture of my "unphotogenic" sister. Always nice to prove her wrong on things like that.

We soon arrived at our station, right under the United States Department of Agriculture building. It was intensely amusing to me to see the special police outside the building with USDA badges on their uniforms, and carrying loaded weapons. I guess they want to enforce proper milk pasteurizing? The USDA is serious business, folks.

After a brief detour via Justine's cartography, we soon made our way towards the Washington Monument and the National World War II Memorial.

I was happy to see that someone had left flowers adorning Pennsylvania's station of the memorial. A beautiful and touching tribute.

Kylene really wanted to see the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and when we got there, I could see why. The statues seemed to be coming back from a long day at the front lines.

We stopped briefly to grab some water near the Washington Monument, and I got a rare opportunity to catch Kylene without the camera in front of her face.

Refreshed and refueled, we continued our tour, when what should we find, but cherry blossoms! This solitary tree stood right near a series of small baseball diamonds, defiantly holding onto these gorgeous pink petals!

Eventually we made it to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial, which is a pretty incredible thing to see. It's got some pretty stunning sculpture there, including this one of FDR himself.

And of course, Fala.

As we left the FDR memorial, we walked along the tidal basin, and were treated to a stunning view of the Washington Monument and Thomas Jefferson Memorial. What a great end to a beautiful day! Special thanks to Justine and Ron for being our tour guides!