Thursday, December 30, 2010


Okay, so 'stuff' may be overstating it, as it's only one item, but for the next two weeks, you can help one of our 2010 couples win a beautiful 11"x14" gallery wrap of one of their images selected below!

Here's how it works:

1. Look through the images below
2. Vote for your favorite!

(Sorry. I'm feeling a little like Billy Mays.)

Voting is limited to once per computer, so please no stuffing the ballots. However, you CAN tell your friends and family, who can vote as well!

With no further ado, we present our 2010 finalists!

#1 - Katie & Bob

#2 - Susie & Matt

#3 - Colleen & Mike

#4 - Heather & Dan

#5 - Randi & Chad

#6 - Janell & Dan

#7 - Carissa & Kevin

Poll is now closed. Thank you to all who voted, the winner will be announced soon!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three parts water, one part sugar

Landon arrived just a week before Christmas, no doubt eclipsing any of the other presents under his parents' tree this year! He was so much fun to shoot, and we learned a great new trick for baby shoots from his parents–a true "miracle drug" that stops crying fits like a dream!

With this new secret, we were able to capture some adorable moments with the little guy. We had a great time with him, and look forward to shooting him more in the coming year! (We've got 3 more shoots coming–stay tuned!)

The One Where Ayden Finally Offs Bailey

We met again with the Kerns for their fourth shoot of the year, and the boys were rambunctious and ready as ever for Christmas! They were excited for our visit, with Ayden's quickest-yet turnaround from hiding to showing off, and Bailey eagerly ready to one-up his little brother.

Naturally, this lead to a lightsaber duel. (As all good confrontations should, in my opinion.) In a surprising turn, Ayden emerged victorious. However, realizing what he'd done, he quickly fled the scene.

Shortly after, the family gathered for some portraits in front of the tree. With Ayden having gone into witness protection, he was replaced by our on-call stand-in, Mr. Fett.

Bailey and Mr. Fett could not be contained for long, and we managed to get a cute moment with Melissa and Glenn in front of the tree. A short while later, they were rejoined by Bailey and Ayden. (No word on the whereabouts of Mr. Fett. If you see any sign of him, please let us know.)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wanted: Parsley, Sage & Thyme

With Christmas only a few weeks away, the holiday joy came early for Jennifer and Jason this year--her name is Rosemary. She was only a few days old, and tiny as could be, but she's got healthy lungs, and she isn't afraid to use them!

We had a wonderful afternoon getting to meet little Rosemary and couldn't be happier for her proud parents.

Rosemary's big brother Guinness

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lotsa Krotzah!

We had the pleasure of shooting my cousin Nathan and his fiancée Bethany on a brisk late-November afternoon at York College. It was wonderful finally meeting Bethany, who I'd read about on facebook for so long, and I'm really proud of Nathan for being smart enough to bring such a charming and sweet addition into the family.

These two are such a great pair, and we couldn't be happier for the both of them.