Friday, January 11, 2013

Want a FREE portrait session?

Do you need your family photos updated? Do you know someone who is pregnant or just had a baby? Do you just want pictures of you with your favorite pet? What if I told you you could get the portrait session you wanted for FREE? Well, it's true! All you have to do is refer a bride to us!

Here are the details:
1. Know someone getting married.
2. Tell that someone that you know some AWESOME photographers (us, in case you weren't sure)
3. Tell that bride and groom to mention your name when they book a meeting with us.
4. If that bride and groom books their wedding with us, you get a FREE portrait session.
5. Also, the bride and groom get 10% off any wedding package of their choice!

It really is that easy! Just make sure that you tell your friends to mention your name when booking their meeting with us!