Sunday, September 18, 2011

Todo mi corazón para toda mi vida

We got an early start on Melanie and Michael's big day, greeting the sun with Melanie, her sister and mother, and the wonderful ladies at Jannat Beauty Design. While it seemed impossible to make our bride glow even more than she was, Jannat and her staff did a great job of adding polish and shine, and in what seemed like no time at all, the driver arrived to whisk Melanie off to the ceremony.

The church was beautiful, full of light and love, making it a joy to shoot Melanie and Michael as they made their vows and joined their lives. We always love churches with good light, and San Juan Bautista is incredible. It made for a perfect setting for these two as they were united, surrounded by their friends and family. The reception was a treat, taking place at the always-lovely and elegant Casa di Fiori at the Inn at Leola Village, where guests dined, danced and celebrated the joy and love that Melanie and Michael have for each other.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

There's nobody named "Irene" on the guest list...

...but that doesn't mean she didn't make her presence known!

As the rest of the Eastern Seaboard was boarding up windows and preparing for the worst, Brad and Danielle were making a go of things out in the midst of it all–a fitting analogy for these two, who found in each other, a partner perfectly made for them, someone with whom they could weather any storm.

Just to prove it, they decided to have a wedding during a hurricane!

Okay, admittedly, we only got some fringe storms, and it wasn't that bad, weather-wise... but it's more dramatic if we make it sound like it was, don't you think? So there we were, in position, cameras at the ready as Danielle (and her son, who gave her away as best a 2-year old can!) made her way down the aisle,  when with a rumble of thunder, the skies opened up, dousing the ceremony in a refreshing downpour. (Fine, there was no rumble of thunder... but the rest of it happened just like that, I swear!) With a delightfully intimate gathering, it was awesome to see guests leaping up to share umbrellas, dart for the cover of nearby trees, or in a wonderful display of thoughtfulness, rush to the front to provide cover for the bride and groom as the ceremony proceeded unhindered.

Ky and I huddled under our umbrella, taking turns holding it while the other clicked away, and within a few short minutes, the rain ceased. A few more short minutes beyond that, and Danielle got a new last name, Brad got a new stepson, and we all (myself included) got a few tears in our eyes.

It was a truly memorable day, one we were proud to share in, with a new family we couldn't be happier for!