Sunday, August 8, 2010

There is no fear in love.

Last weekend, we managed to avoid any more disruptive rainfall, and finally got together with Randi and Chad to shoot their engagement pictures at Lititz Springs Park. We had an absolute blast with these two. They have such fun together, and Randi's smile is ridiculously contagious.

Lititz is a wonderful area, and we found a lot of opportunities to capture these two being affectionate, whether just walking down the street with the dogs, or taking a detour for ice cream at Freeze and Frizz. We really enjoyed working with Randi and Chad, and can't wait for their wedding! It sounds like a blast!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Horton Hears A Shutterclick!

The funny thing about maternity shoots is this–they're shortly followed by baby shoots. It never fails!

It seems like we just saw Tiffanie and Nate, and now it's Tiffanie, Nate and Brennan! It was great to meet the little guy, who was just so cute! Nothing made him happier than being held by Mommy and Daddy, so we made sure to give him plenty of snuggle breaks between shots. In return, he was well behaved and cooperative, even when we stripped him down and put him on a deerskin. (Actually, I think this was his goal all along, as he really seemed to like that.)

Tip for baby photography: Give them something soft to lay on, and they'll do pretty much whatever you want.

Brennan, thank you for being such a joy to work with! We hope to see you again soon! Tiffanie and Nate, congratulations again on your new addition!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey look, an airplane!

Okay, so there's not really an airplane, but it seemed to be the ongoing theme for Bailey and Ayden, and a rather clever trick that Bailey used to get his little brother to look up for pictures. (Thanks, B!)

We met up with Ayden, Bailey, Glenn and Melissa on a beautiful Monday evening and after enjoying some time with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on the XBox360, soon got the whole family outside for some fun in the yard. From bubbles, to swordplay to wrestling in the grass, it was amazing to see the bond between the boys. They definitely bring out the adventurous side in each other!

Taking time for a breather, Melissa was able to get some help in the garden, and then it was time for some aerial maneuvers as the boys took flight at the hands (and feet) of Mom and Dad! As the sun faded on the horizon, so too did our time with this fun foursome. Thank you so much for letting us share the evening with you guys! We'll see you in the fall!