Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lotsa Krotzah 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Many of our bridal couples feel like part of our family by the end of their wedding, but for Nathan and Bethany, they actually were part of the family!

It was such a joy to be able to capture all the wonderful memories of this special day–a day that was twelve years in the making! Nathan and Bethany weren't just high school sweethearts–they were middle school sweethearts! Who would've guessed that they could have found their perfect match in sixth grade? Certainly not me–but it's hard to think that these two are anything but perfectly matched.

From the front steps of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in York, to the luxurious ballrooms of the Marriott Lancaster Hotel, the setting for the day was exquisite. We wish Nathan and Bethany all the best, much love, and for Bethany especially–much patience. (She's married to a Krotzer. She'll need it!)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Magic Moments

Last weekend, we loaded up the trunk and pointed the car towards Harrisburg for Denise and Aaron's wedding. After dropping Kylene with the lovely Denise, who looked radiant even BEFORE getting into hair and makeup, I headed over to New Cumberland to meet up with Aaron and his guys. As we woke several groomsmen from the previous night's festivities, it quickly became apparent what a great couple we were dealing with. While Aaron went to get ready, the groomsmen regaled me with tales of "Mush" and what an awesome friend he was, as well as a few more embarrassing tales that won't see the light of day here on the blog. From the hotel room to the bus and on to the church, it wasn't hard to see the friendship and love (and beer!) shared among the wedding party. By the end of the night, we truly understood what a magical event we were lucky enough to share in. From the pre-dinner toasts to enthusiastic sing-alongs to dancing, the magical moments just kept coming, and we could barely keep our cameras up from laughing as "DJ A-Ron" treated us to his scratchtastic stylings. We wish Denise and Aaron all the best, and hope that their lives are filled with the same love and joy that surrounded them on this special October night.