Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kristen & Don 11.15.08

Today was Kristen and Don's wedding. It was so beautiful that even the sky cried. (Okay, so maybe it was just rain, but the wedding was gorgeous all the same.) The wedding was at Rooke Chapel on the campus of Bucknell University, which you'll see further down.

Don was a hilarious wellspring of emotions from the time we arrived right up until the start of the ceremony. Fortunately, he had his support team of groomsmen to keep him (relatively) stable.

The ceremony. (See what I mean about the chapel? Stunning!)

All that rain served us well, providing the couple with an amazing rainbow just outside the reception venue.

Kristen's mom and brother having a great time!

Kristen's father (or some anonymous person, for those of you in the law enforcement field) set off fireworks at the reception. This one created a heart-like shape, which was fitting.

Thank you for having us, Kristen and Don. We wish you both all the happiness in the world!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jen & Glenndon 11.1.08

What a beautiful day! We couldn't have asked for a lovelier afternoon so late in the year! We've been looking forward to Jen and Glenndon's wedding for a while now, and it was a perfect day, from start to finish!

Two of the bridesmaids, working off some of the nervous excitement with a rousing game of foosball!

The happy couple, looking as perfect together as everyone in attendance knew they were.

The cake looked delicious, so Glenndon made sure Jen got extra!

Two enthusiastic dancers, busting a move!